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Van Cleave Ranch and Hatchery

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Tuscola Texas  325-665-3057

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Welcome to our website.  We are a small local family owned "Boutique Hatchery" in Tuscola, Texas.  We are new and so all of our birds are new as well. All were either hatched or attained as very young chicks beginning June 1, 2021.  We've already had a few dependable layers. But most will begin laying this spring. 


What is a  Boutique Hatchery? We specialize in rare, endangered and hard to find chicken breeds and strive for show quality breeding stock.  But we also have some pet quality for those not interested in breeding or showing.

Mission Statement:  To provide for our customers a dependable  quality product from a reputable name associated with the Abilene and Tuscola/Ovalo area for over 60 years. 

Focus and Goals: 

1.  To produce high quality birds by striving to attain  the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection. 

2.  To produce a beautiful assortment of organic and omega 3 eating eggs in natural colors of cream and beige, and a variety of shades of browns, blues and green. (Egg shells are a natural colorful "easter basket" everyday) by the use of specific breeds. Healthy eggs make healthy people. 

3. To produce strong hatching eggs to survive shipping and strive for a high hatch rate. Healthy hens produce healthy strong chicks. 

We invite you to learn about our various breeds.  Please fill out a contact us form and chat with us if you have any questions. OR, call us to make arrangements and place your order.  See our business policies regarding sales on the "About Us" tab. 



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