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Farm Fresh Eating Eggs from Van Cleave Ranch and Hatchery

Many articles can be written on farm fresh eggs. This one just covers a smidge of ideas for topics to come. This is also my viewpoint of how to grow quality eggs.

Careful selection of Standard of Perfection Breeding Stock from independent breeders provides a good start for the health and quality of the bird. Our goal is to provide a proactive organic healthy approach to the growth, development and maintenance of the bird rather than trying to fight disease after it has started. We believe that by providing organic feed and herbal supplements we can develop a stronger and healthier bird which is more resistant to infection and disease. We also believe that free ranging provides a better opportunity at health through nature. We also strive to build better immunity by allowing our grow outs to be sent outside as early as possible. By working to raise quality chickens in good health our customers can be confident and assured that they are receiving the best quality of fresh eggs possible.

Our eating eggs, are an eggcellent source of nutrition such as higher levels of protein, lutein and omega three. We are extremely picky about the quality of our eating eggs and love to pass that on to our customers.

Colored eggs add so much fun and added beauty to a farmhouse style kitchen and lots more fun to eat and bake with. As one provider of our organic whole grain chicken feeds states... "You are what you eat"

The USDA recommends that when selling eggs to the public; independently owned small hatcheries, must label their eggs as "ungraded" and include a reminder to "wash before using.

Fresh eggs have a protective natural coating called bloom. The bloom protects the egg from outside bacteria entering the shell and contaminating it's contents which prolong their shelf life. (Sitting on the counter)

Although refrigerated eggs have a long life; we always recommend doing the float test before using. Throw away any eggs that float to the top. Eggs that lay on the bottom are good. Eggs with just one end up to float are still good for hard boiling.

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