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Our Breeds

Large Fowl Brahma

Gold/Blue Partridge Brahama
Roosters are an amazing large size of 12-18 pounds and 26-28 inches tall. Hens are closer to the size of any large fowl chicken.  Hens are very sweet and laid back.  Quiet, docile and compliant.  The Brahma Roosters are hilarious, huge and loving. Brahmas are great big cuddlers, fun for the entire family and make excellent "watch dogs". 

Pink and Green Floral Photo Hello Spring Facebook Cover_edited.jpg

The Gold/Blue Partridge Brahma Hen should have defined pencilling. Aside from the characteristic feathered feet, quality birds will also have pencilling on fluffy feathered butts and sides.  A sign of quality; the feathered feet should also have defined pencilling as seen in the picture to the right. 



On Feet

Heading 2

Heading 2


The Splash Partridge Brahma


Our beautiful splash Rooster has many colors of brown, black and white mingled on the neck. While the back and shoulders are a glistening red.  The hen is mostly white and although a partridge splash, the partridge feather pattern shows more of a lacing of light brown on white. 

Buff Laced Brahma

The Buff Laced Brahma is very rare with only a very few breeders in the United States. Although this color is not APA SOP accepted coloring and can't be shown, It is an extremely impressive and massive bird. 

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